Project Overview

In 2001, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) undertook a Planning and Preliminary Design Study to identify required improvements and widening requirements along 30 km of Highway 400 from 1 km south of Highway 89 to the junction at Highway 11. The study was updated in 2017 to address changes throughout the corridor.

The Detail Design for the improvements at the Highway 400/Essa Road interchange is currently underway. This Detail Design study, which includes the improvements listed below, is being undertaken to replace the aging infrastructure at Essa Road. This project will support the future ultimate widening of Highway 400 throughout the corridor.

Project Description

The Detail Design includes:

  • Replacement of the Highway 400 bridges at Essa Road
  • Reconstruction of the Highway 400/Essa Road interchange to accommodate the future ultimate widening of Highway 400
  • Limited widening of Highway 400 to accommodate construction staging
  • Replacement of traffic signals at the new ramp terminals
  • Storm sewer replacement, and stormwater management and median tall wall concrete barrier improvements
  • Widening of Essa Road to 6 lanes for the City of Barrie, within the interchange

Specific details related to construction staging and traffic management are to be confirmed and will be posted here.

Active Transportation

Essa Road is not on the Provincial Cycling Network Plan as determined by the City of Barrie.

The City of Barrie’s proposed active transportation network, as outlined in the City’s Transportation Master Plan, contains a system of routes and facilities that provides options to encourage residents and visitors to use active transportation for a range of trip types and purposes. The City’s proposed active transportation network includes the installation of sidewalks on both sides of Essa Road within the Highway 400/Essa Road interchange. To support the City’s proposed active transportation network, installation of sidewalks within the interchange is being considered as part of Detail Design.

Additional information on active transportation within the City of Barrie can be found in the City’s Transportation Master Plan.