Class Environmental Assessment Process

This Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the reconstruction of the Highway 400/Essa Road interchange, including the replacement of the Highway 400 overpass structures at Essa Road will follow the MTO Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) approved process for Group ‘B’ projects as classified at the time of project initiation. Group ‘B’ projects include highway improvements that provide a significant increase in traffic capacity or cause a significant widening of the “footprint” beyond the road bed of an existing highway. The replacement and/or improvements to an existing interchange, such as those proposed at Essa Road, fall under the scope of a Group ‘B’ project.

A Design and Construction Report (DCR) will be prepared to document the details of the project, consultation undertaken during the study, environmental impacts, mitigation measures, construction staging, and any traffic detours.

The DCR will be placed on the Public Record for a review period of 30 calendar days to provide the opportunity for the public to comment. As this project has already met the requirements of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, there will be no opportunity to request a bump-up to an Individual Environmental Assessment.

Detailed information regarding the MTO Class EA and Ontario EA Act is available via the Documentation section of this website.